Sonja – Karups


It was early in the morning and Sonja was just waking up, rolling around in her bed, enjoying the feel of the soft sheets and blankets against her naked skin. The brunette beauty likes to sleep in just a pair of panties, so when she woke up her nipples were already puffy and hard. Sliding her hand down her fit, sexy body, she eased her panties off, rolled onto her side, and slammed a finger into her pussy from behind. She desperately needed to cum so the hottie finger blasted herself faster and faster, grabbing her tight ass as she did. Rolling around on the bed, she tried out a few different positions including on her knees, but she ended up on her back, legs spread. Using one hand to finger her shaved pussy and rub her clit and her free hand to massage her body and tease her tits, the sexy girl sent herself into orbit with an intense orgasm that left her writhing on the bed in ecstasy.