Jess & Pedro – JalifStudio


Jess and Pedro snuggle in bed for a little fun, grabbing at each other’s growing cocks as they kiss and become more intimate. Jess loves the feel of Pedro’s furry chest, caressing it as he tastes his lips. When Jess pulls out his big cock, Pedro takes it down his throat instantly and swallows down the sexy man’s meat. Pedro pulls out his own cock, giving Jess the chance to give it a taste. They swap blowjobs again and again; each worshipping the other’s thick, hard shafts and heavy, sweaty balls. Jess’s heart pounds for his sexy, Latin love, eagerly offering up his smooth ass to him. Pedro savours the taste of his hole, fingering it and licking it before mounting up behind it. The top gives the horny bottom his huge, thick cock, fucking him hard and bringing him to the edge of an intense orgasm!